​Do you want to help create the newest and most innovative running app ever? Great, because we are looking for your input. We are a small tech start-up building a revolutionary running app and we want you to help us build it. How? Just fill out this short survey so we know exactly what you do and don't like about your current running app and what features are important to you in a new one. Thanks guys and we look forward to bringing you an incredible product you will love, Thanks for your input! 

-CR Team

Do you currently use a running app? If yes which one? If no, why not?
What features do you like most about your running app? What do you like least?
Which of the following would most interest you in a running app?
Please rate these features from very important (5) to not at all important (1).
Being challenged.
Team activities.
Being rewarded.
Social interactions.
Please use this area to tell us any additional features you would like in a running app.
Health tracking.
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